happy new year! [&meme]

Hi guys! How are you? Hope you're ok!
I wanted to New Year's greetings to you all,I know I'm a little late but please,forgive me xD I wish you a fantastic 2010!

I remade Even this year I remade meme about how many movies and tv show episodes will see during this year. Last year I watch only 31 films (I know,shame on me xD) and 397 episodes,but I promise,this year I'll try to improve xD

Last update: 01/06/2010


01/10 > utterly devastating
02/10 > bad
03/10 > disappointing
04/10 > half-hearted
05/10 > average
06/10 > okay
07/10 > good
08/10 > awesome
09/10 > brilliant
10/10 > excellent

100 movies in 2010
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500 tv show episodes in 2010
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merry christmas!

Hi guys! I'm gonna pass holidays in Sicily,so I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I post only 9 icons: he's Alberto Paloschi,a Parma's football player :) I found this pretty pics,and in five minuts I made these simple icons. Enjoy these holidays,see you soon!  Kisses!


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nice meme

10 things I love starting with the letter C.

clod_81 gave me "C".

Leave me a comment asking for a letter. Then, go to your journal and post ten things you love starting with that letter. Give your friends letters, too.


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Here I am with some icons I made.
First of all,I want to say THANKS to Riky Kakà,he's a Real Madrid player by now,but I'll never forget what he did for Milan,and for fans. He's a great,great player and he'll stay forever in my heart as my favourite player <3


Secondly,Roger finally wins the French Open!!!!!! He did it!! I'm still exiting,I'm very happy and proud of him <3
14 slam like Sampras. He's the best,period. And now....Wimbledon! :)

Now,it's time to post my icons,I hope you like them :)


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I'm back!

Hi guys! How are you?
I'm sorry I haven't written for so long time,but my computer broke and only today I got back my computer fixed! :)
As soon as possible I'll back with some icons,but it's a bad moment now,I have 5 exams untill July,so I have to study.
By the way,I'm watching tennis on tv,there is the Roland Garros and.....I cross my fingers for Roger!!!! *___*
The italian championship ended,and everyone I know thinks that Kakà will leave Ac Milan...I think so,but who knows,maybe he's going to stay,like in January. I hope so,he's my favourite football player,he can't go ç_ç

See you soon!